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Temporary Assistance

Temporary Assistance
Temporary Assistance is a financial assistance program that offers temporary help to individuals and families on a short-termed basis until the household is able to achieve self-sufficiency.


  • Family Assistance (FA) is for families with minor children. It provides cash assistance to eligible families in need that have minor children living with a parent or caretaker. Non-parent caregivers, who are caring for children living in their home without their parent, may be eligible for financial assistance or other supports. Additional information is provided here: Know Your Resources: Nonparent Caregiver Benefits(Pub. 5194). Family Assistance operates under the TANF guidelines with time limits of five years.
  • Safety Net Assistance (SN) is for individuals, childless couples, and families who have met their 60-month time limit. Cash benefits are limited to two-year time limits. After two years, non-cash assistance vouchers are issued.

Emergency Assistance
Emergency Assistance to Families (EAF) and Emergency Safety Net Assistance (ESNA) provide assistance to families with crisis situations that are threatening the family such as: evictions, utility shut-offs, and diversion payments to prevent the household from applying for ongoing assistance. Some examples of an emergency are : 

  • You are homeless.
  • You have little or no food.
  • Your landlord has given you a written eviction.
  • You do not have fuel for heating during cold weather.
  • Your utilities are shut-off or are about to be shut-off, or you have a 72-hour disconnect notice.
  • You or someone in your family has been beaten, abused or threatened with violence by a husband, wife, partner or other member of the household.

Temporary Assistance Application
To find out if you are eligible to receive Temporary Assistance, including help with an emergency, you need to submit a Application for Certain Benefits and Services (LDSS-2921) to the Jefferson County Department of Social Services. The application can be found here:

You can also check your eligibility for economic supports at: https://mybenefits.ny.gov