Adoption is a method provided by law that creates the legal relationship of parent and child. After an adoption is finalized, the adoptive parent assumes all the rights and responsibilities for the child that the birth parent would have. Also, the adopted child has the same rights and responsibilities as would any child born to the adoptive parents.When you adopt a waiting child, you will be giving that child a permanent family and another chance in life. All children deserve a loving, committed, safe, and permanent family.

When a child is in foster care, decisions must be made regarding the long-range permanency plan for the child. If the social services district decides that it would not be in the child’s best interests to return home and that the child should be adopted, steps must be taken to legally free the child for adoption. The majority of adoptions in Jefferson County are by Foster Parents adopting the foster children in their home. 

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The adoption process involves two major procedures. First, the foster parent who wants to adopt his or her foster child must go through the agency approval process. Next, the person must start a court proceeding asking a judge to finalize—that is, complete—the adoption to make it legal. Many children are already freed for adoption and are waiting for a forever family.

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OCFS Website
We encourage you to use the OCFS website to learn more about the process of adoption in New York State. We trust you will find it an informative and useful guide as you make this most important decision to parent a child.