Child Support

The Jefferson County Child Support Enforcement program provides custodial parents with assistance in obtaining financial support and medical insurance coverage for their children by locating parents, establishing paternity and child support and enforces court orders of child support.

For assistance with questions regarding your child support account contact the Customer Service Helpline at 1-888-208-4485 (TTY 1-866-875-9975) or via email at

Location Investigation
If the custodial parent does not know where the noncustodial parent or putative (alleged) father lives, child support will attempt to locate the parent by checking the last known address and place of employment and through other local efforts. 

Paternity Establishment
For a child born to unmarried parents, there is no legal relationship between the father or intended parent and the child. If paternity has not already been legally established, child support staff can assist unmarried parents with completing and filing a voluntary Acknowledgment of Parentage form or file a paternity/parentage petition with the Family Court to establish the legal relationship. .

Financial Investigation
To determine a noncustodial parent's ability to pay child support, child support staff will investigate the noncustodial parent's income and assets. This investigation is completed through inquiries to employers and banks.

Support Establishment
Local child support staff will assist custodial parents to file a petition in Family Court to obtain a child support order. Information about the noncustodial parent's ability to pay is presented to the court to use to calculate the child support obligation.

Support Collection
The child support order will require the noncustodial parent to send all child support payments to the NYS Child Support Processing Center. The local Support Collection Unit will keep track of how much child support is due and how often it is due.