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The VINE Network

The VINE Company, based in Louisville, Kentucky, incorporated in 1995 for the purpose of developing and providing automated information services for criminal justice agencies. The company’s mission, "Serving criminal justice through automated technology," began in 1993 with the creation of VINE, Victim Information and Notification Everyday.

After the murder of Mary Byron in Jefferson County, KY, in December of 1993, local officials began searching for a method of notifying crime victims when their attackers were released from jail. They soon found that throughout the United States there was no fast, effective means for providing this type of notification. Based on these findings, Jefferson County set out to create a first-of-its-kind notifications service utilizing state-of-the-art computer technology.

The New York VINE system is a service through which victims of crimes can use the telephone or internet to search for information regarding the custody status of their offender and to register to receive telephone and e-mail notification when the offender's custody status changes. The VINE toll-free number for the New York VINE system is 1.888.VINE.4.NY (888.846.3469). This service is provided to assist Victims of Crime who have a right to know about their offender's custody status.

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REGISTERING for notification

New York VINE allows you to register for automatic notification of court events and changes in county jail status. You will need to register separately for each type of notification. When you register, you will be asked to provide two things:

1. Phone number where you wish to be notified. Register as many numbers as you like, including your home and work phone. Do not register a phone that rings to a receptionist or a switch board.
2. Four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number). Use the PIN you already have chosen. You may use the same PIN with each phone number you register.

RECEIVING a notification call

New York VINE will automatically notify registered persons of suspect/offender status and court event changes. To confirm that you have received the notification, enter your four-digit PIN. New York VINE will keep calling for 24 hours until this PIN is entered. New York VINE automatically notifies registered users in English or Spanish whenever one of the following situations occurs:

• the suspect/offender is released or transferred
• there is a change in custody status such as death or escape.

Your initial PIN is the last 4 digits of your phone number. You may change to another number when you access the system. If you choose to register for court event notification, New York VINE will notify you of all court settings, but you do not need to attend unless personally contacted by the District Attorney’s Office.

To confirm you are registered with New York VINE, call 1-888-VINE-4-NY; 1-888-846-3469 and begin the registration process. After you locate the suspect/offender and enter your telephone number, New York VINE will tell you if you are already registered.

Do not depend solely on VINE or any other single service for your protection. Please contact your local victim services agencies for additional notification information that may be available in your area.