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Historical Photos

The following is a small pictorial representing a brief history of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and is not meant to be all inclusive.

October 9th, 1962
JCSD members pose with a recovered stolen
automobile near the Jail garage.
From (L) to (R): Inv. A. Neville, Sgt. I. P. Angel,
D/S H. Decker and D/S J. Leuze

Intermediate Police School
1973 Graduating Class
Watertown, NY

April 14, 1973
Deputy Edgar L. Krake in radar car, (foreground)
checks speed of one of the new patrol cars
driven by Deputy Robert C. Estes.

A service is held for fallen Dexter Police Chief Samuel A. Johnson,
who was killed in the line of duty.

JCSD Members in full riot gear

JCSD Snowmobile Patrol, Blizzard of 1977
From (L) to (R): Lynn Schnauber, Keith Youngs, Charles Reardon, Gary Ellingsworth

Interior views of the Jefferson County Jail as seen in 1973.

The old Jefferson County Jail as it undergoes an expansion as seen here in 1978.