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The Weekend Work Program

In 2001, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office launched a new program as an alternative to incarceration called simply The Weekend Work Program . This program is provided the Jefferson County Correctional Facility and is monitored by the Jefferson County Probation Department. This program is instituted starting with a judicial sentence given to a person(s) who agree to perform "community service" in lieu of being incarcerated. The individual sentenced to this program will report to the Jefferson County Correctional Facility on Saturdays and Sundays ready to perform various labor intensive tasks around Jefferson County for a specified amount of time.

While free space in the county jail for more serious law violators, this program enables the Sheriff's Office to benefit community organizations, municipalities, non-profit organizations, etc. by providing free labor to perform grounds maintenance, painting, moving furniture or whatever is needed.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office encourages all:

  • Private non-profit agencies
  • School districts
  • Local or state government
  • Cemetery associations
  • Churches
  • American Legion Posts
  • or any other agency that provides a public service

to contact us to see if you meet the criteria to have your worksite approved for the Weekend Work Program.


  • All necessary tools and equipment must by provided by the worksite.
    • For example: If grounds work is to be done then mowers, shovels, rakes, gasoline, etc. must be available by the worksite.
  • A project description must be provide as to what work is to be performed by the Weekend Work Program and what necessary items of specialty clothing will be required.
    • For example: Project description-clearing brush and painting fences.¬† Special clothing -gloves, safety glasses
  • Will there be on-site restroom facilities available for the work crew's use or will there be some in the near vicinity?

This program is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Mail the Weekend Work Program Project Proposal form, you may download it HERE , to the Jefferson County Correctional Facility to schedule your worksite for the program. A representative of the program will contact you to verify the work to be performed and to go over any questions you might have. You will be notified what is available for time frames. This program is provided at no cost to you, however all materials and tools must be provided by the worksite.

Some organizations that have taken advantage of this program so far include:

  • The Felts Mills Cemetery Association
  • The Alexandria Bay American Legion
  • The Impossible Dream
  • The 4-River Valley Historical Society
  • The Jefferson County Recycling Center
  • Faith¬†Fellowship Church of Dexter
  • Town of Rutland Highway Department
  • Numerous Highway Cleanup Details
  • and many, many more!

All meals and beverages for the workers are provided by the Jefferson County Correctional Facility.

For more information, you may contact the Program Supervisor, Sgt. Robert Newtown at robn@co.jefferson.ny.us .