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The Jefferson County Clerk's Office started accepting E-Recorded documents from the below vendors on June 1, 2015.

Contact one of these vendors to get started:

Simplifile Corporation Service Company (CSC) eRecording Partners Network (ePN) Indecomm
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simplifile.com erecording.com goepn.com dmg.indecomm.net
888.325.3365 877.272.5250


The Jefferson County Clerk's Office is pleased to announce that we began Mandatory E-Filing through the New York State Courts Electronic Filing system (NYSCEF) on January 24, 2018.  The Administrative Order was signed January 22, 2018.  Visit NYSCEF to get started today!

The mandatory e-filing program includes all new civil actions except :

  • CPLR Article 70 Proceedings
  • CPLR Article 78 Proceedings
  • Election Law Proceedings
  • Matrimonial Matters
  • Mental Hygiene Law Matters
  • **Consumer Credit Transactions as Defined in CPLR §105(f)
  • **Residential Foreclosure Actions as Defined in RPAPL §1304

**Except initial filing of commencement papers by a represented party, which is mandatory.

To view the Jefferson County E-Filing Protocol click here .

Click here to view the Hardware & Software Requirements, Terms of use and Document Submission Requirements.


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