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DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Last Revised: 04/2023

    The Watertown DMV is operating by appointment only.

    Plate Surrenders do not need an appointment

    Forms & Test booklets are available at the reception desk without an appointment


    You can schedule your appointment at https://jeffersoncountywatertowndmv.setmore.com/ or by calling 315-785-3312, Option 1. Please use the Document Guide from NYS to ensure you have the proper forms and documentation needed for your transaction. The New York State DMV website now has a pre-screening tool to exchange out-of-state licenses https://dmv.ny.gov/driver-license/exchange-out-state-driver-license


    After May 7, 2025, only the Enhanced or REAL ID will be accepted to get on a domestic flight, enter certain federal buildings or military bases (unless you have a Passport). If you plan to travel, we recommend you upgrade 6 months prior to this date. Use the following link to determine which ID is right for you. https://dmv.ny.gov/get-enhanced-or-real-id 

    If you are looking to get a handicap placard please visit  https://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/parking-people-disabilities for more information 

              Please be advised the placard will be obtained from your local City, Town, or Village Clerk

    How to Sign up for Paper Renewal Reminders:

    If you have ever processed any DMV transaction online you may have automatically been setup for electronic notices. You can visit https://process.dmv.ny.gov/enotTransfer/ or scan the below QR Code to change how you receive renewal reminders. You will need your CID, 9 digit NY Driver's License or Non-Driver ID# to complete this change.

    Hours of Operation:

    September – June                                                    July & August

    9:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon – Fri                                  8:30 am to 4:00 pm Mon – Fri

    9:00 am to 7:00 pm Thurs

    *Please note the lobby doors are locked 15 minutes prior to closing. If your appointment is at the end of the day, make sure to be on time.

    Our office is closed for all major holidays. These and any other closings, restricted hours or computer outages are posted on our Facebook page.

    Alternative Processing Methods:

    Most DMV Transactions do not have to be completed in person. You may also complete some transactions online at https://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/all-online-transactions, by mail or via drop box. You can view our Drop Box Requirements by clicking here.

    Jefferson County now has a dedicated Registry page that can be accessed here!

    New York has the country's third highest need for donors yet the second lowest percentage of registered donors. Out of the approximately 8,000 New Yorkers on the waiting list, over 1,100 have been waiting for life-saving and improving transplants for over 5 years. Each year, an estimated 400 men, women, and children in the state die due to the shortage of donors.


    Additional Resources:

    NYS Contacts page https://dmv.ny.gov/contact-us/dmv-phone-numbers 

    • Certain transactions/issues cannot be resolved at the County office please use this link to contact NYS DMV directly.

    Search here for a qualified 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course

    • NYS now requires you to have a Photo Learner Permit before taking the 5 Hour Course

    Before you Schedule a Road Test click here to find out what you need

    Accident Report https://dmv.ny.gov/dmv-records/how-file-motorist-accident-report


Gizelle J. Meeks

Jefferson County Clerk

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