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DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles

Watertown DMV is operating by appointment only. Click the link below to schedule your appointment today.

ATTENTION: As of June 24th, the Governor has discontinued the State of Emergency that has been in effect since last year. This means any expired Registrations and ID/Licenses are no longer valid. If you need to come in to our office please make an appointment at https://jeffersoncountywatertowndmv.setmore.com/ or call us at 315-785-3312.

Schedule Appointment: https://jeffersoncountywatertowndmv.setmore.com/

  • If you are unable to cancel your appointment please call 315-785-3312 and leave a message and we will cancel your appointment for you. This will shorten wait times for appointments overall.

Click here for information pertaining to our Drop Box

License Transactions:

*Exchange Out of State License to NYS 

License Renewal – No Upgrade to Enhanced or Real ID

*License Renewal – Upgrade to Enhanced or Real ID

License Renewal – Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Written Test - Learner Permit (This is not for the Road Test! See below for more information)

Apply for Learner Permit – Written Test Taken @ School or Online

Written Test – Motorcycle (This is not for the Road Test! See below for more information)

*Written Test – Commercial Driver’s License Permit (CDL) (This is not for the Road Test! See below for more information)

*Written Test – Endorsement ONLY

*Apply for New Non-Driver ID Cards

*Amend License (Name Change, Remove Restrictions etc.)

Registration Transactions:

Registration Renewal (Does not include out of state registrations)

Register Vehicle – First Time

Replace Peeling or Lost Plates 

Plate Surrenders 

To Schedule a Road Test & 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course:

Click here to find out what you need before you schedule your Road Test

Click here to search for a qualified 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course

***NYS now requires you to have a Photo Learner Permit before taking the 5 Hour Course*** 

Forms of Payment:

  • Cash 
  • Check made payable to "Jefferson County Clerk" 
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express (Credit Card Authorization)


Gizelle J. Meeks

Jefferson County Clerk

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Contact Us:

DMV-Department of Motor Vehicles dmv@co.jefferson.ny.us
Phone: 315-785-3312, Option 1 Fax: 315-785-5048
Recording-Land/Court jeffcoclerksoffice@co.jefferson.ny.us
Phone: 315-785-3312, Option 2 Fax: 315-785-5145
Records Management recordscenter@co.jefferson.ny.us
Phone: 315-785-3312, Option 3 Fax: 315-785-5145

Schedule a DMV appointment at https://jeffersoncountywatertowndmv.setmore.com/

Schedule a County Clerk/Passport appointment at https://jeffersoncountyclerksoffice.setmore.com/

Online Records: Access our records online at searchiqs.com/nyjef. If you have trouble viewing this website, please  contact  IQS at 1-800-320-2617 or email websupport for assistance.