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DMV Drop Box Requirements

The Drop Box is checked regularly throughout the day to ensure the Security of your documents and personal information

Please check our Facebook Page for up-to-date processing Times for these transactions

Once a transaction is received in the DropBox, it will not be pulled to be completed ahead of the other transactions pending, not even for a scheduled appointment

Transactions Accepted:

  • Renewals - No changes to Name/ID Type
    • Submit signed Renewal Invitation from NYS with payment OR
    • Completed MV-82 with payment
      • You do not have to fill out the MV-82 form if you attach the old registration card, must still sign back of form.
  • Registrations - ALL Vehicle Types
  • Plate Surrenders - $1.00 Cash Fee

Registration Requirements: Visit https://dmv.ny.gov/registration/how-register-vehicle for more information.

  •  A photocopy of your ID
  •  The original proof of ownership of the vehicle - If you do not hold the Title because you have an Out of State Lienholder please see below for further information.
  •  A Bill of Sale  
  •  NYS DMV Form MV-82 - Vehicle Registration/Title Application with complete phone number or email
  •  NYS DMV Form DTF-802
  •  Proof of NYS Insurance – Must have a scannable barcode.
  •  Payment – Blank check made payable to “Jefferson County Clerk” or a completed credit card authorization.

Additional Information:

  • If you are transferring plates, you must check the “Transfer Plates” checkbox at the top of MV-82 and provide the plate number.   If you do not, we will issue and charge you for new license plates!  Do not move your plates to the new vehicle and operate it until you receive your new registration sticker and document in the mail.
  • Payment Options – Check or Credit Card only, payable to “Jefferson County Clerk”

If we are mailing you plates, include a separate check or money order for $5.00 to cover postage for the plates to be mailed, or you can contacted to come in and pick them up.

DMV Drop Box Requirements - Avoid delay or rejection of your transaction by following these Guidelines

  • All Application Forms and Titles must be original. No photocopies of these documents will be accepted.  Forms of identification may be submitted as photocopies - please do not leave your driver's license or other original forms of identification in the drop box.
  • Please make sure that all forms are completed and signed by the appropriate individual
  • Provide a Phone number with an active Voicemail as we will only call once with Questions and notifications.
  • NO Cash is accepted, except the $1.00 processing fee for plate surrenders. All other applications must include a blank check made out to Jefferson County Clerk or a completed Credit Card Authorization Form
  • All paperwork must be contained in an envelope or folder. If you need an envelope please come into our DMV lobby.

The out-of-state title is held by my lienholder.  How do I register in New York?

To register in New York, you must provide the following documents

  •  A copy of the title certificate with your name on it from the lienholder
  •  Certification from the lienholder that title certificate is a copy of the original certificate - the copy of the title certificate and the certification of the lienholder must be on the same piece of paper
  •  A statement with the following information on the letterhead of the lienholder
    • the owner, year, make, and VIN
    • that the lienholder holds the original title and knows the owner will use the documents to register in New York State

Paperless (Electronic) Titles

Some states will not issue the certified copy of a title that is required in lienholder situations, or it may take up to 6 to 8 weeks to generate the copy of the title.  These states will only provide the owner with an abstract of ownership for the vehicle and usually refer to this as a paperless, or electronic title.

If an applicant is unable to provide a certified copy of a title, because their state issues paperless titles in lienholder situations, the following maybe accepted:

  •  The abstract of ownership, showing the applicant as the current owner of the vehicle AND the letter of permission (to register the car in NY) from the lienholder.


  • The current out of state registration of the vehicle that states electronic title, in the applicants name AND the letter of permission.


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