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Last Revised: 11/2023

Vital Records (Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates) can be found at the City, Town & Village Clerk offices


Please review our County Clerk Fee Schedule to confirm search & copy fees.

*Please note our fees are set by New York State and are subject to change*

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In Person Search & Copies:

You can search our Public records for free, in office, during regular business hours. Conducting the search yourself will save you search fees, however, copy fees will still apply.

Online Access:

Since 2014 the Jefferson County Clerk’s office has been working diligently to make our records available online at In an effort to increase document availability the Jefferson County Clerk’s office acquired a Map scanner in 2016 which has allowed us to image our current maps as well as back file our Maps back to 1959. This is an ongoing project that our Records Management department works on daily. Our office is happy to announce the purchase of a Book Scanner, which was delivered in October. This purchase will allow our office to digitize Deeds, Mortgages, Naturalization Records and more quickly and safely.

Request Records by mail:

When submitting a copy or search request please make sure to complete the request form in its entirety. If you have questions prior to submitting your request, our Records Management Department can be reached at or by calling 315-785-3312, Option 3 during regular business hours.

Public Records: Using the sample of records below you can submit a search request for any public record using our Records Search Request Form. Once the search is complete our office will reach out to confirm the results and to discuss copy options.

Criminal Certificate of Disposition Request: Criminal Dispositions are no longer filed at the County Clerk’s office however we collect the fees for County Court to issue them. If you would like to request a criminal disposition you will need to complete our Criminal Certificate of Disposition Request Form and submit it to our office with $5.00. Since these documents are no longer filed in our office, we are unable to confirm if there is a disposition available for any given case or individual prior to you submitting the form.

Divorce Records: Divorces, also referred to as "Matrimonial", are sealed and can only be accessed by the parties involved and their attorneys. Separation Agreements are also filed here in our office. To request a copy, complete our Divorce Request Form, read all of the instructions before submitting.

Military Discharge – DD214: According to New York State Law no filed certificate or any information contained therein, shall be disclosed to any person except the veteran or parent, spouse, dependent or child of the veteran, representative of the estate of the deceased veteran or a public official, acting within the scope of his or her employment, unless such disclosure is authorized in writing by the veteran. To request a copy, complete the Military Discharge Request Form, read all of the instructions before submitting.

Sample of Records Available in our Records Center:


 1842 - 1962 

 Assumed Name Certificates 

 1900 - 1976 

 Board of Supervisors Journals 

 1805 - 1817, 1829 - 2001 

 Bonds & Undertakings 

 1805 - 1982 

 Business Records - Miscellaneous 

 1814 - 1939 


 1820 - 1973 


 1793 - Present 

 Explosive Materials Permits - WWII 

 1942 - 1945 

 Grand Jury Lists 

 1853 - 1970 

 Incorporation Records 

 1835 - 1951 


 1811 - 1934 

 Judgment Books 

 1807 - 1984 

 Judgment Books (Dockets) 

 1812 - 1972 

 Judgment Rolls 

 1806 - 1962 

 Law Papers (Miscellaneous) 

 1806 - 1962 

 Lis Pendens / Notice of Pendency 

 1864 - 1984 

 Maps - Atlas of Jefferson County 

 1864, 1887 

 Marriage Records* 

 1908 - 1935 

 Military - Bonds 

 1864 - 1865 

 Military Civil War Enrollments 

 1861 - 1866 

 Military - Discharges (DD-214) 

 1862 - Present 


 1804 - Present 

 Naturalization Records - Index

 1825 - 1973 

 Oath of Office Records 

 1856 - 1944 

 Register of Professionals 

 1844 - 1962 

*The marriage records kept at the Jefferson County Clerk's Office are not complete.     Please contact the City, Town or Village clerk where the license was purchased prior to searching our records.


Gizelle J. Meeks

Jefferson County Clerk

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