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Vehicle and Traffic Charges

If you are charged with a traffic infraction please read the Informational Packet for Traffic Reductions at the link below.  


To seek a traffic reduction from this office you must take the Traffic Safety Course at the links below within 10 days of receiving your ticket.  The course is a one time cost of $50.00. 

You are NOT eligible to take this course and receive a reduction under the following circumstances:

If you were charged with speeding and your speed was greater than 41 mph over the posted limit or if your speed was over 100 mph -OR-

If you are charged with: Driving While Intoxicated

                                      Driving While Abilities Impaired

                                      Aggravated Unlicensed Operation

                                      Reckless Driving

                                      Suspended Registration

                                      Leaving the Scene of a Personal Injury or Property Damage Accident

                                      Uninsured Driving  

IF YOU HAVE A "FIX IT" TICKET (anything charged under Section 375 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law):

If you have fixed the problem no later than 1/2 hour after sunset on the first business day after receipt of ticket, contact the court for further instructions

If you have fixed the problem outside of the above time period please forward a copy of your ticket and proof that the violation has been corrected to:



 https://www.advent-elearning.com/Aol/CourseLink/403/1 - Traffic (English)

https://www.advent-elearning.com/Aol/CourseLink/403/28 - Traffic (Spanish)

The District Attorney's Office will no longer be entertaining plea reductions by mail and will not take calls on traffic reductions.  Furthermore, we will not be available to speak with individuals in court on traffic matters.  If you are seeking a reduction please see the instructions above.  If you are charged with an ineligible offense as listed above, please consult an attorney or consult the court regarding further instructions.