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Public Information
County Route 87 Over Lindsey Creek - Bridge Replacement
Town of Ellisburg

The Jefferson County Highway Department Superintendent, James Lawrence, Jr., has announced that Public Information is available on the proposed Replacement of County Route 87 Bridge over Lindsey Creek project in the Town of Ellisburg.  Due to the COVID-19 concerns, an in-person Public Information Meeting will not be held.  In lieu of the public information meeting, the public is encouraged to view the plans to replace the County Route 87 Bridge over Lindsey Creek and/or submit any comments or concerns about the project. 

The purpose of the information is to present the proposed design for the bridge replacement and to receive comments on the proposed project from individuals, groups, officials, and local agencies.  This Public Information is part of the continuing efforts by the involved local, state, and federal agencies to encourage public input into the development of transportation projects. 

Any person who wishes to provide comments on the proposed project can send comments via e-mail to publicinfo@foit-albert.com or via mail to 295 Main St, Suite #200, Buffalo, NY 14203 by Wednesday, September 23, 2020. 


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To maintain roads and bridges on the County Highway System. The system includes 555 miles of road and 450 drainage structures.

Types Of Services, Assistance

For Towns and Villages

  • Equipment Rental
  • Survey work as required by Highway Law
  • Technical
    • Highway and bridge design
    • Permit applications
    • Drainage calculations
    • Construction practices
    • Traffic engineering

For General Public

  • Records Search as pertains to roadways