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Real Property -- Administration

Roxanne M. Burns Director 315-785-3074
Melissa VanBrocklin Real Property Tax Services Supervisor 315-785-3074
Theresa Marzano Real Property Tax Services Aide 315-785-3074
Kimberley Kowal Real Property Information Specialist 315-785-3074
Nancy Miller Typist 315-785-3074

Real Property -- Revaluation

Alexander Marchenkoff Real Property Appraisal Technician 315-785-3074
Alex Burke Real Property Appraisal Aide 315-785-3074

Real Property -- Tax Mapping

Christina Reynolds GIS Specialist 315-785-3280
Larry Rogers Tax Map Technician 315-785-3018
Gary Haller Tax Map Technician 315-786-6980

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