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Name Title Phone E-mail
Babette Hall Democratic Elections Commissioner (315) 785-3027 babetteh@co.jefferson.ny.us
Jude Seymour Republican Elections Commissioner (315) 785-3325 jseymour@co.jefferson.ny.us
Michelle LaFave Democratic Deputy Elections Commissioner (315) 785-5119 mlafave@co.jefferson.ny.us
Trina Kampnich Republican Deputy Elections Commissioner (315) 786-7462 katrinak@co.jefferson.ny.us
Michelle Coullier Democratic Registration Clerk (315) 785-3027
Connie Maxon Republican Registration Clerk (315) 785-3027
Mary Hazelrigg-Draper Democratic Machine Technician (315) 785-3027
Helen Fikes Republican Machine Technician (315) 785-3027
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