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Jefferson County 911 Addressing


Christina M Reynolds, GIS Specialist  315-785-3280

Please have this information available when calling  
to     apply for a new 911 address  
or use the online-fillable form below and email    : 

Owner’s Name  (previous owner’s name if you have owned the property less than three months)

Town/Village  property is located in, not necessarily your mailing address

Tax Map Number  (example: 15.00-1-1) if it is a portion of a tax parcel, then the Tax Map Number of the whole parcel before split

Structure  what type of structure is on or going to be built on the property

Present Mailing Address  where you receive your mail

Telephone Number  to call to notify of new address

Measurement  of how far away your driveway is from another driveway.  Measuring from the centerline of your driveway to the centerline of your neighbor’s driveway that is on your side of the road along the edge of the road.  If the closest driveway is on the other side of road, measure from the centerline of your driveway on your side of the road to the centerline of your neighbor’s driveway with the intersection of the edge of road on your side of road. Do not cross to the other side of the road when measuring.

Collect 911 address of   neighbor  .  Record the distance to the nearest foot.

Name of Road  driveway is connected to (addresses are structure numbers, but are based on driveway location)

Driveway locations on NYS Routes (NYS DOT 315-785-2333) and  
County Highways (Co Highway 315-786-3600) need prior approval  

911 Address Request Rev 3-2021