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Jefferson County Youth Bureau
250 Arsenal Street

Information for Youth Programs

Resources for Local Youth Programs and Schools
In addition to providing funding for youth programs, the Youth Bureau offers support and assistance to youth programs throughout Jefferson County.

The     Youth Services Network     meets five times a year, bringing together people who work with young people in many different settings, including youth programs and school settings. The meeting gives an opportunity to share information on changes in programs, new program components, and to introduce new staff members to other community organizations. More in-depth presentations are made at each meeting, on topics of interest to youth programs. The meetings are open to the public. To receive notice of the meetings or meeting notes, please  contact us or check this site for the most recent meeting notes.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County and the Youth Bureau developed the  Coalitions for Youth list serve  to share timely information online. Much of the information on the listserve concerns grant opportunities or information on local resources. Any member of the list serve can e-mail information to the rest of the members as long as the information is pertinent to family and youth services, and is of professional interest and use. To join the listserve, please contact the  Youth Bureau