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FOIL Requests

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The Freedom of information Law provides the Public with the right to access certain government records.

If you wish to submit a foil request for Purchasing-related documents, please provide the following information to us:

        Name of the Bid or other document you seek.

        Date the documents were created.

        If your request is limited to a specific section/page of a particular document, please identify the page(s) you are requesting.

        Please remember that all requests must be signed.

Please forward your request to:                   Jefferson County Purchasing Department

                                                                               195 Arsenal Street

                                                                             Watertown NY  13601

Upon receipt, foil requests will be forwarded to the County’s Freedom of Information Officer for a response.

If for any reason any portion of your request is denied you will be informed of the reason for the denial in writing and provided the name and address of the person or body to who an appeal should be directed.