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 2021-2023 HIGHWAY BID BOOK 

 General Bid Documents 

 2021 Vendor Invite.pdf

 Page 1 - 2021 BookCover.pdf 

 Page 2 - 2021 Introduction Page.pdf 

 Page 3 - 2021 Introduction.pdf 

 Page 4 - 2021 Table of Contents and Submission Requirements.pdf 

 Page 5 - 2021 Exhibit A Insurance Language.pdf 

 Page 6 - Insurance Specimen.pdf 

 Page 7 - 2021 General Specifications.pdf 

 Page 8 - 2021 Wage Rate Pages.pdf 

 Page 9 - 2021-2023 BIDS _ AIRPORT Pages.pdf 

 Addendum #1.docx.pdf 

 Addendum #2.pdf 

 Addendum #3.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-1 Stone, Sand, Gravel and Top Soil 

 Award _ Results 2021H-1 Scan All Bidders.pdf 

 2021h - 1.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-2 Asphalt Materials 

  Award _ Results 2021H-2 Scan Barrett.pdf  

 Award _ Results 2021H-2 Scan Brunell.pdf  

 Award _ Results 2021H-2 Scan Hanson.pdf

 2021h - 2.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-3 Liquid Asphalt Materials 

 Award _ Results 2021H-3 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 3.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-3a Flake and Liquid Chlorides 

 Award _ Results 2021H-3a Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 3a.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-3b Recycled Asphalt Pavement (Cold) Using High float Emulsions 

 Award _ Results 2021H-3b Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 3b .pdf  

 Bid#2021H-3c Micro-Surfacing 

 Award _ Results 2021H-3c Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 3c.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-3d Crack and Joint Filler 

 Award _ Results 2021H-3d Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 3d.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-3e Asphalt Surface Recycling of Existing Paved Surfaces (Heat Planing) 

 Award _ Results 2021H-3e-Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 3e.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-3f Asphalt Emulsion Slurry Seal 

 Award _ Results 2021H-3f Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 3f.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-3g Pave Placed Surface Treatment 

 Award _ Results 2021H-3g Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 3g.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-3h In-Place Reclamation 

 Award _ Results 2021H-3h Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 3h.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-3k Fiber Reinforced Bituminous Membrane Surface Treatment 

 Award _ Results 2021H-3k Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 3k.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-4 & 4a Pavement Markings & Symbols 

 Award _ Results 2021H-4 _ 4a Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 4 _ 4a.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-4b Pavement Marking Paint 

 Award _ Results 2021H-4b Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 4b.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-5 Wooden Grade Stakes 

 Award _ Results 2021H-5 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 5.pdf  

 Bid#2021H-6 Nursery Stock Plantings, Fertilizer and Grass Seed 

 Award _ Results 2021H-6 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 6.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-6a Straw and Hay for Mulch 


 2021h - 6a.pdf

 Bid#2021H-7 Ready Mix Concrete 

 Award _ Results 2021H-7 Scan.pdf 

 2021H - 7.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-8 Shotcrete Supply and Application 

 Award _ Results 2021H-8 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 8.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-9 Drainage Pipe & Steel Plate for Pipe 

 Award _ Results 2021H-9 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 9.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-10 Highway Signs, Sign Materials & Posts 

 Award _ Results 2021H-10 Scan All Bidders.pdf 

 2021h - 10.pdf 

 2021h - 10 BID PAGES.xlsx 

 Bid#2021H-11 Structural Steel 

 Award _ Results 2021H-11 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 11.pdf

 Bid#2021H-12 Gabions 

Award _ Results 2021H-12 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 12.pdf  

 Bid#2021H-13 Geotextiles 

 Award _ Results 2021H-13 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 13.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-14 Drainage Grates and Frames 

 Award _ Results 2021H-14 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 14.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-15 Bridge Maintenance Materials 

 Award _ Results 2021H-15 Revised.pdf 

 2021h - 15.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-16 Curbing, Concrete Pipe and Precast Concrete Drainage Units 

 Award _ Results 2021H-16 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 16.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-17 Precast Concrete Bridge System 

 Award _ Results 2021H-17 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 17.pdf 

 2021h - 17 BID PAGES.xlsx 

 Bid#2021H-17a Precast Concrete Decking Panels 

 Award _ Results 2021H-17a Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 17a.pdf 

 2021h - 17a BID PAGES.xlsx 

 Bid#2021H-17b Precast Concrete Wall Units and Cribbing 

 Award _ Results 2021H-17b Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 17b.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-17c Precast Concrete Bridge System - Precast Interlockable Stacking Blocks 

 Award _ Results 2021H-17c Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 17c.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-18 Bridge & Structural Repair Using Maintenance Equipment Rental & Labor Rates 

 Award _ Results 2021H-18-Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 18.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-19 Subsurface Exploration & Construction Materials Testing 

 Award _ Results 2021H-19 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 19.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-20 Guiderails 

 Award _ Results 2021H-20 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 20.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-21 Roadside and Fence Vegetation Control 

 Award _ Results 2021H-21 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 21.pdf  

 Bid#2021H-22 Roadside Brush & Vegetation Control 


 Bid#2021H-23 Miscellaneous Equipment Rental 

 Award _ Results 2021H-23 Scan.pdf 

 Award _ Results 2021H-23 Scan Tabulation.pdf 

2021h - 23.pdf 

2021h - 23 BID PAGES.xlsx  

 Bid#2021H-24 Engine & Hydraulic Oil and Other Lubricants 

 Award _ Results 2021H-24 Scan Gillee's.pdf 

 2021H - 24.pdf 

 2021h - 24 BID PAGES.xlsx 

 Bid#2021H-25 Welding Gases & Supplies 

 Award _ Results 2021H-25 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 25.pdf 

2021h - 25 BID PAGES.xlsx 

 Bid#2021H-25a Welding Supplies 

 Award _ Results 2021H-25a pt1.pdf 

 Award _ Results 2021H-25a pt 2.pdf 


 2021h-25a Pages.xls 

 Bid#2021H-26 Porta-John Rental 

 Award _ Results 2021H-26 Scan.pdf

 2021h - 26.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-27 Tank Pumping Services 

 Award _ Results 2021H-27 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 27.pdf 

 Bid#2021H-28 Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings 

 Award _ Results 2021H-28 Scan.pdf 

 2021h - 28.pdf

 Bid#2021A-30 Aviation Deicer/Anti-Icer (Solid and Liquid) 

 Award _ Results 2021A-30 Scan.pdf


 Bid#2021A-31 Runway and Taxiway Painting - Enhanced 

 Award _ Results 2021A-31 Scan.pdf 


 Bid#2021A-32 Tower Painting 



 Bid#2021A-33 Airfield Surfaces Asphalt Seal Coat 

 Award _ Results 2021A-33 Scan.pdf