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Pregnancy, Infant and Child Health

Your guide for building a nurturing, healthy relationship with your child


      Need home health. Click here.

     Concerns about Breastfeeding?  Check out these local resources. Click here.

Infant and Child:

     Does your child need health care in your home?  We have a home health agency that may be able to help.  Click here

     Our clinic offers vaccines.  We accept some insurances and if you are uninsured we have the Vaccine for Children program.  Call 315-786-3730 to make an appointment.

     Concerned about lead poisoning or need a lead screening test?  Click here

     Need assistance for your child with a special need and aren't sure where to turn?  Click here for more information.

     Child Find Program: A state funded program that is connected to, and part of Early Intervention. The goal is to improve the identification, location, referral to care and follow-up of infants and toddlers age 0-3 who may be at risk for physical and developmental disabilities and/or delays. Click the section heading to download a brochure. You may also visit the CDC Act Early website by clicking this link:

Adolescents and Teens:

    All services above are available for adolescents. 

    Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic is every Tuesday 12:30-3:30pm by appointment by calling 315-786-3730. 



NYS DOH Facts About Vaping:  https://www.health.ny.gov/prevention/tobacco_control/campaign/e-cigarettes/      

              Know the Risks: https://e-cigarettes.surgeongeneral.gov/getthefacts.html  

              FDA: What-You-Need-to-Know-and-How-to-Talk-to-Your-Kids-About-Vaping-Guide-Partnership-for-Drug-Free-Kids

Have questions about Human papillomavirus (HPV). Call us or message us on Facebook!