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Reporting Covid-19 Positive Home Test


Use this form to report results of a positive COVID-19 test that you performed at home and that gave you a positive result at the time you took the test. 

Don't use this form to report results of a test obtained or performed at or through a doctor's office, clinic, hospital, pharmacy, on-site at a school, or any testing site or program.  Results from those tests are reported to us automatically by the lab. 

Don't report negative test results. 

The positive individual should begin to self-isolate at home and away from others, if possible. The positive individual should make a list of any person they were in close contact with (within 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes) for 48 hours prior to symptom start date or test date.  You will receive a text where you can enter the information of who you were in contact with.  For more information about quarantines: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/quarantines-contacts

mm/dd/yyyy format
(Numbers only - ex: 3157863730)
(if applicable)
We only Accept Jefferson County
We only Accept New York
five digit only (ex: 13601)
mm/dd/yyyy format
In most cases this will be same date as sample taken