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COVID-19 Vaccination (315-786-3730)

COVID-19 Vaccination

Update as of 07/20/22:

JCPHS offers COVID-19 vaccines at our weekly immunization clinic Wednesdays from 12:30pm – 3:30pm.   If you need your primary series or a booster dose, please call 315-786-3730 to schedule an appointment. You may also check with your child’s pediatrician, provider or local pharmacy.  Click here to find a vaccine near you.

Not sure if you're up-to-date? Click here to review CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Recommendations.

Wondering if you need a booster? CDC added a new interactive tool to its COVID-19 web resources for the public, to help users identify whether they need to receive a booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The “COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters” tool asks a series of simple questions about age, immunocompromise, number and type of previous doses of COVID-19 vaccines, and how long ago they received the most recent vaccination. From these answers, the tool reports whether a first or second booster dose may be beneficial and presents considerations for when to receive it. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/booster-shot.html

Volunteer Transportation Center: Call 315-788-0422 to schedule a ride to your vaccine appointment.

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources