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General Information
Kathleen Kazakoff
Deputy Director
NY Connects
Louise Haraczka
Aging Services Specialist
Health Insurance Information Counselor
Michele Mahon
Aging Services Specialist
Health Insurance Information Counselor, NY Connects
Danielle Fazio
Aging Services Specialist
EISEP Case Manager
Dori-Ann Froelich
Aging Services Specialist
EISEP Case Manager
Renee Williams
Aging Services Specialist
Long Term Care Coordinator
Kenneth Thomas
Aging Services Specialist
Home Delivered Meals Case Manager
Monique Medsger
Senior Account Clerk
Michelle Malbouf
Principal Account Clerk
Brenda Stauber
Sabrina Cummins
Registered Dietician
Mary Beth Knowlton
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
175 Arsenal St
2nd Floor

Staff Directory

Director: Kathleen Kazakoff
Email: kkazakoff@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5018

Deputy Director: Louise Haraczka - NY Connects
Email: louiseh@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5017

Aging Service Specialist:

Monique Medsger - Home Delivered Meals Case Manager
Email: mmedsger@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5142

Michele Mahon - Health Insurance Information Coordinator
Email: michelem@co.jefferson.ny.us 

Phone: 315-785-5016

Dori-Ann Froelich - EISEP Case Manager
Email: doriannf@co.jefferson.ny.us


Renee Williams -Long Term Care Coordinator
Email: rwilliams@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5047

Danielle Fazio - Health Insurance Information Counselor, NY Connects
Email: dfazio@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5010

Lisa Trembley - NY Connects, Home Modification Program

Email: ltrembley@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5082

Paul Nicol - EISEP/Respite

Email: pnicol@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5122

Grace Nowak - HDM/HIICAP

Email: gnowak@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5019

Other Staff:

MIchelle Malbouf - Senior Account Clerk
Email: mmalbouf@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5013

Brenda Stauber - Principal Account Clerk
Email: bstauber@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5022

Sabrina Cummins - Senior Account Clerk, HEAP, COVID Vaccine
Email: scummins@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5015

Mary Beth Knowlton - Registered Dietician
Email: mknowlton@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5014

Teona Renda - Secretary, Office Support
Email: trenda@co.jefferson.ny.us

Phone: 315-785-5011

Rev. 05/17/2022