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County Route 87 Public Outreach

County Route 87 over Lindsey Creek Bridge Replacement
Town of Ellisburg, New York
PIN 7753.85
BIN 3338430


Project Objectives
The existing County Route 87 Bridge over Lindsey Creek is a substandard structure that has exceeded its useful service life.  The goal of this project is to build a structure that addresses the deficient elements using a cost-effective method that will restore the bridge condition and remediate the existing geometric deficiencies.  The proposed structure and roadway will be constructed within the existing boundary.

Existing Structure
The existing bridge was built in 1937, which makes it 83+ years old.  The bridge is a single-span structure that is 27'-6" long (clear span) by 22'-8" (out to out width).  The existing structure utilizes steel I-beams encased in concrete with a cast-in-place concrete deck and asphalt wearing surface.  The substructure consists of two abutments, a concrete backwall, and concrete wingwalls. 

Structural Concerns
  • Multiple concrete structural elements have extensive deterioration 
  • Spalling of concrete at underside of deck
  • Deterioration of concrete encasement under fascia beams

Substandard Conditions
The existing bridge was built in 1937 and has exceeded its useful service life.
  • No designated shoulders on bridge
  • Horizontal Stopping Sight Distance
  • Deficient ratings (less than 4) of key structural elements
  • Bridge rail & Sag Vertical Curve (non-conforming)


Proposed Structure
The proposed structure will be a single-span bridge that is 50' long by 30'-2" wide from fascia to fascia, with an asphalt wearing surface and reinforced concrete abutments.  The bridge and the approached roadways on either side of the bridge deck will be replaced.

Bridge Replacement
The existing structure is approximately 83 years old and has extensive deterioration of multiple concrete structural elements.  Replacing the existing bridge will allow all safety and structural concerns to be addressed at the same time.
The proposed structure has been designed on the same horizontal alignment as the existing structure.  The existing vertical alignment has been raised to improve the hydraulic opening of the structure and eliminate the existing nonstandard roadway gradient.  

Improved Conditions
  • Shoulders all widened to min 2' each, improving safety conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Bridge Roadway width widened to 26'-0", improving overall safety of travel
  • Use of steel guide rails allow water to freely drain off either side of the bridge
  • Proposed features are all to be rated as 7 (highest rating)
  • Hydraulic opening is increased

Click here to enlarge

As shown in the approach roadway cross section (top) and bridge cross
section (bottom), the proposed approach roadway and the proposed structure
remain within the existing highway boundary.


Project Construction Process
  • County Route 87 will be closed for the duration of the construction phase
  • The existing pavement will be removed
  • The existing bridge superstructure and existing bridge abutments will be removed
  • Proposed abutments will be poured
  • Stream will be slightly realigned
  • The roadway will be repaved on the same horizontal alignment as the existing roadway
  • Replacement superstructure will be constructed on a raised vertical alignment from the existing superstructure

Traffic Control
The road will be closed during construction with an off-site detour being utilized.  The total length of the detour is approximately 7.8 miles which will add approximately 12 minutes of travel.  The detour will utilize County Routes 89 & 90 along with NY-11 and Caster Road.  Click here to see a map of our detour plan.

Estimated Construction Cost
This project is being federally and locally funded.  The total estimated construction cost for this project is $1.7 million. 

Project Schedule
Preliminary Design: February 2020 - Tentative
Final Design & Letting: June 2021 - Tentative
Project Award: July 2021 - Tentative
Construction Start: TBD - Not Yet Funded
Construction End: TBD - Not Yet Funded

Project Team
Jefferson County for the Town of Ellisburg - Project Sponsor
NYSDOT - Project Liaison and Reviewing Agency
Foit-Albert Associates - Lead Consultant

Questions or Comments?
Any questions, comments, or opinions regarding the affect that the project will have on you or your community are welcomed to be shared with us.  For concerns that were not addressed, please send them to us by mail, e-mail or fax using the contact information that can be found in the "Contact Information" below.

Contact Information
Foit-Albert Associates
295 Main Street, Suite 200
Buffalo, NY 14203
Phone: 716-856-3933
Fax: 716-856-3961
Email: publicinfo@foit-albert.com

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