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Fire Training

NYS Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES) has developed a student guide to assist in understanding the new Learning Management System (LMS)

https://co.jefferson.ny.us/media/Emergency Management/DHSES-LMS-Student-Guide.pdf

Registration for all NYS OFPC classes are NOW REQUIRED to be completed with the new New York State LMS (Learning Management System).  

All students must be registered in the NYS LMS system.


In the upper right corner, click on webforms for new students that do not have a NYS Training ID number or students that have an ID number and need to update their account.


 Fire Officer 2 Oswego.pdf 

A Training Authorization Form is REQUIRED for every class, signed by the Department Chief.

2018 OFPC Training Authorizatoin.pdf

 All Classes start at 6:30 pm unless noted.