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Petition Signature Requirements, 2023

Last updated: Jan. 23. These numbers are preliminary and will be finalized after Feb. 21.

JurisdictionDemocraticRepublicanConservativeWorking FamiliesIndependentNonpartisan
Any Countywide Office7641,00052121,500n/a
City of Watertownn/an/an/an/an/a165
Legislative District 1TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 2TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 3TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 4TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 5TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 6TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 7TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 8TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 9TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 10TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 11TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 12TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 13TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 14TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Legislative District 15TBDTBDTBDTBDTBDn/a
Town of Adams39704492n/a
Town of Alexandria34653383n/a
Town of Antwerp11261131n/a
Town of Brownville489044117n/a
Town of Cape Vincent25403357n/a
Town of Champion27593367n/a
Town of Clayton437533105n/a
Town of Ellisburg22553364n/a
Town of Henderson14302237n/a
Town of Hounsfield35502271n/a
Town of LeRay69925596n/a
Town of Lorraine7171121n/a
Town of Lyme23423356n/a
Town of Orleans21452255n/a
Town of Pamelia24522260n/a
Town of Philadelphia12231127n/a
Town of Rodman8221126n/a
Town of Rutland19442249n/a
Town of Theresa19382248n/a
Town of Watertown43723389n/a
Town of Wilna38593370n/a
Town of Worth25116n/a
Village of Adams14232129n/a
Village of Alexandria Bay10151120n/a
Village of Antwerp48119n/a
Village of Black River10151119n/a
Village of Brownville8141117n/a
Village of Cape Vincent8131119n/a
Village of Carthage22261132n/a
Village of Chaumont6101012n/a
Village of Clayton19221137n/a
Village of Deferiet23114n/a
Village of Dexter8141117n/a
Village of Ellisburg23115n/a
Village of Evans Mills58119n/a
Village of Mannsville36118n/a
Village of Philadelphia8111113n/a
Village of Sackets Harbor18191132n/a
Village of West Carthage12181122n/a