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Offices to be Filled, 2020

The following offices are to be filled during the November 2020 general election. If more candidates apply for a specific party line than there are positions open, a primary will be held in June.

Last updated: July 13, 2020

namepartysexSworn Inexpiredofficial typeoffice nameOffice Term
MARK C WALCZYKRepublicanM1/1/201912/31/2020ELECTED116TH Assembly District2
KENNETH D BLANKENBUSHRepublicanM1/1/201912/31/2020ELECTED117TH Assembly District2
WILLIAM BARCLAYRepublicanM1/1/201912/31/2020ELECTED120TH Assembly District2
ELISE STEFANIKRepublicanF1/1/201912/31/2020ELECTEDRep. in Congress 21ST District2
PATRICIA RITCHIERepublicanF1/1/201912/31/2020ELECTEDState Senate 48th District2
PETER A SCHWERZMANNRepublicanM1/1/201112/31/2020ELECTEDJefferson Cty Surrogate Court Judge10
FRANCES A CALARCORepublicanF5/5/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDJefferson County Legislator - 12th District1
KREG L DAVISDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Adams 1 DEM2
MICHELLE R LAFAVEDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Adams 1 DEM2
MARY R HAZELRIGG DRAPERDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Adams 3 DEM2
KAREN M CHRISTIEDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Brownville 2 DEM2
MICHAEL K CHRISTIEDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Brownville 2 DEM2
CATHERINE B QUENCERDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Brownville 4 DEM2
EDWARD G GAFFNEYDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Brownville 5 DEM2
MARGARET D SCHELLEDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Brownville 5 DEM2
MICHAEL J CHAVOUSTIEDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Cape Vincent 1 DEM2
ROBERT A GAUTHIERDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Cape Vincent 1 DEM2
JOSEPH H WOODDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Cape Vincent 1 DEM2
JARROD M RADLEYDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Cape Vincent 2 DEM2
KATHRYN K WHITEDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Cape Vincent 2 DEM2
TIMOTHY L WHITEDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Cape Vincent 2 DEM2
BABETTE M HALLDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Clayton 1 DEM2
KIMBERLI M JOHNSTONDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Clayton 1 DEM2
RICHARD M SPENCERDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Clayton 3 DEM2
LUKE W TAYLORDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Clayton 3 DEM2
MARY J ZOVISTOSKIDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Clayton 3 DEM2
JOSEPH T HARTDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Ellisburg 3 DEM2
MARIANNE L HARTDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Ellisburg 3 DEM2
LINDA D GREENEDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Henderson 1 DEM2
MELANIE D OBRIENDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Henderson 1 DEM2
LINDA P STODDARD LEONARDDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Henderson 1 DEM2
JULIE A WESTDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Henderson 1 DEM2
CHERYL M PAYNEDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Hounsfield 1 DEM2
MOLLY C REILLYDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Hounsfield 1 DEM2
SHANNON L STARKWEATER BURKEDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Hounsfield 1 DEM2
JANE T JENKINSDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Hounsfield 2 DEM2
RONALD H NIER SRDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Hounsfield 2 DEM2
ALICIA H EVANSDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - LeRay 2 DEM2
JACQUELYN A SCHELLDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Lyme 1 DEM2
MICHAEL W SCHELLDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Lyme 1 DEM2
DORENA L KIMBALLDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Lyme 3 DEM2
EZRA S FORD IIDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Orleans 1 DEM2
DAWN A SMITHDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Orleans 1 DEM2
RONALD R SMITHDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Orleans 1 DEM2
ALICIA M DEWEYDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Orleans 2 DEM2
MARY A FORD WATERMANDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Orleans 2 DEM2
COLLEEN M ONEILLDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Orleans 2 DEM2
JOHN C KIECHLEDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Philadelphia 1 DEM2
MARY A KIECHLEDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Philadelphia 1 DEM2
RONALD E SPICERDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Philadelphia 1 DEM2
PHILLIP G BRANCHEDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Rodman 1 DEM2
ROSELYN C TAYLORDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Rodman 1 DEM2
LUKE D EVANSDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Rutland 1 DEM2
BRUCE M EVANSDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Rutland 2 DEM2
KATHLEEN M EVANSDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Rutland 2 DEM2
COREY D DECILLISDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Rutland 3 DEM2
BETSY D HENNESSEYDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Rutland 3 DEM2
CORA L BROWNDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Theresa 1 DEM2
ALLEN T DRAKEDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Theresa 1 DEM2
KEVIN L MCCARTHYDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Theresa 1 DEM2
NANCY D BROWNDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Watertown 1 DEM2
NANCY C HENRYDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Watertown 1 DEM2
LINDA S SMITH SPENCERDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Wilna 1 DEM2
PAUL H SMITHDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Wilna 5 DEM2
CAMILLE Y PARADISDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Worth 1 DEM2
NORMAN J PARADISDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - Worth 1 DEM2
MICHELLE E COULLIERDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - 13-1 DEM2
JON A HALLDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - 13-2 DEM2
KAREN R HALLDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - 13-2 DEM2
KERRY M ELLIOTTDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - 13-3 DEM2
ANITA L HENRYDemocratF/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - 15-1 DEM2
RONALD D MONNATDemocratM/ /9/1/2020ELECTEDCounty Committee - 15-1 DEM2
CRYSTAL J SMITHRepublicanF7/2/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of Adams Town Justice4
SANDRA M CAPUTORepublicanF2/1/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of Alexandria Council (Vac)1
KENNETH H BRESETTRepublicanM1/1/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of Antwerp Councilperson (Vac)2
LUCAS J WHITMORERepublicanM11/6/201612/31/2020ELECTEDTown of Antwerp Town Justice4
JEFFREY J TIMERMANRepublicanM2/1/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of Brownville Councilperson (Vac)0
KATHY L QUENCERRepublicanF11/6/201612/31/2020ELECTEDTown of Brownville Town Justice4
ALLEN D HEBERLINGDemocratM2/12/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of Clayton Councilperson (VAC)2
MATTHEW OWENRepublicanM 12/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of Henderson Council (Vac)1
LELAND J CARPENTERRepublicanM6/1/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of LeRay Councilperson4
VACANT M  APPOINTEDTown of Philadelphia Assessor4
COLE Q JENNERepublicanM1/1/201712/31/2020ELECTEDTown of Philadelphia Town Justice4
JESSIE M SCHEERRepublicanM11/6/201612/31/2020ELECTEDTown of Philadelphia Town Justice4
JACOB W BULLRepublicanM2/12/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of Rodman Councilperson4
GEORGE B SHEEHANRepublicanM11/6/201612/31/2020ELECTEDTown of Rutland Town Justice4
CRYSTAL J SMITHRepublicanF10/1/201912/31/2020APPOINTEDVillage of Adams Justice4
JUDITH V FULMERRepublicanF12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Alexandria Bay Trustee2
BRAD P MILLETTRepublicanM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Alexandria Bay Trustee2
LYNNE M ALTMANNRepublicanF12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Antwerp Trustee2
DALE R DAVIDSONDemocratM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Antwerp Trustee2
COREY D DECILLISDemocratM6/1/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDVillage of Black River Mayor1
VACANT   12/31/2020APPOINTEDVillage of Black River Trustee1
GARY P MCCULLOUCHRepublicanM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Black River Trustee2
STEPHEN L MOTTRepublicanM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Brownville Trustee2
LEO K THOMPSONRepublicanM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Brownville Trustee2
S LUCILLE SHETTLETONDemocratF1/1/201712/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Carthage Justice4
MICHAEL F ASTAFANDemocratM1/1/201712/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Carthage Trustee4
MARCO J FRANCHINIDemocratM1/1/201712/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Carthage Trustee4
JAMES W MORROWRepublicanM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Chaumont Trustee2
MICHAEL J NICHOLSRepublicanM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Chaumont Trustee2
MICHELLE T GRYBOWSKIDemocratF12/1/201612/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Clayton Trustee4
NANCY L HYDEDemocratF12/1/201612/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Clayton Trustee4
DAVID M BONNEYDemocratM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Cape Vincent Trustee2
ROBERT A EWINGRepublicanM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Cape Vincent Trustee2
NANCY R DUTTONDemocratF12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Deferiet Trustee2
STEPHEN E SMITHDemocratM1/1/201912/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Deferiet Trustee2
RENEE J STANODemocratF12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Dexter Trustee2
RICHARD W STEVENSONDemocratM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Dexter Trustee2
GREGORY B LAKERepublicanM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Ellisburg Trustee2
LESLIE P BLACKRepublicanF12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Evans Mills Trustee2
GREGORY L SMITHDemocratM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Evans Mills Trustee2
ROBERT G BLOUNTConservativeM1/1/201912/31/2020APPOINTEDVillage of Mannsville Trustee2
LEAH M STRADERRepublicanF12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Mannsville Trustee2
CHRISTINE N CAIRDDemocratF1/1/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDVillage of Mannsville Trustee (Vac)1
MARK C LEESONRepublicanM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Philadelphia Trustee2
FORREST F CONSTANCE JRRepublicanM10/1/201912/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Sackets Harbor Mayor (VAC)1
BARBARA A BOULTONRepublicanF12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Sackets Harbor Trustee2
JAMES D BRAYRepublicanM12/1/201812/31/2020ELECTEDVillage of Sackets Harbor Trustee2
RICHARD A BUCKINGHAMDemocratM1/1/201712/31/2020ELECTEDTown of Wilna Town Justice4
SHAWN M CHAMBERLAINRepublicanM1/1/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of Worth Assessor4
KATELYN S MACKLENRepublicanF1/1/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of Worth Town Clerk-Collector2
FREDRICK S OVERTONRepublicanM1/1/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of Worth Highway Supt.2
ERIC T SWARTZRepublicanM1/1/202012/31/2020APPOINTEDTown of Watertown Town Justice4