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Campaign Finance / Contribution Limits

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Election Law §14-114

Please remember that these limits are for the entire election cycle. Generally, the Election Cycle is either two or four years.

The person making a contribution, as well as the person receiving it, are responsible to ensure that the limits are not exceeded.

  • The contribution limit for family members is an aggregate limit from all the candidate's family members (defined as a child, parent, grandparent, brother and sister and the spouse's of those persons.)
  • Ballot Issues - There are no limits on contributions for ballot issues.
  • Party or constituted committees - these committees may receive no more than $117,300 from any individual contributor in a calendar year and up to $5,000 from a corporation.
  • Housekeeping - there are no limits on contributions to a Party or Constituted committee for Housekeeping expenses.
Primary Non-family     Family
County-wide - Democratic$1,000.00$4,088.00
County-wide - Republican$1,249.75$6,248.75
County-wide - All other parties$1,000.00$1,250.00
All town and village offices, regardless of party$1,000.00$1,250.00

General  Non-family     Family
Legislature 1$1,000.00$1,289.00
Legislature 2$1,000.00$1,452.75
Legislature 3$1,000.00$1,263.50
Legislature 4$1,000.00$1,250.00
Legislature 5$1,000.00$1,250.00
Legislature 6$1,000.00$1,250.00
Legislature 7$1,000.00$1,250.00
Legislature 8$1,000.00$1,250.00
Legislature 9$1,000.00$1,401.50
Legislature 10$1,000.00$1,250.00
Legislature 11$1,000.00$1,255.00
Legislature 12$1,000.00$1,250.00
Legislature 13$1,000.00$1,250.00
Legislature 14$1,000.00$1,250.00
Legislature 15$1,000.00$1,250.00
City of Watertown$1,000.00$3,088.50
Town of LeRay$1,000.00$1,339.75
All other town and village positions$1,000.00$1,250.00

Updated: Feb. 23, 2022

(This has nothing to do with campaign finance. But just in case you were wondering, polls are open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on election days.)