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  **Disclaimer: Employees of the Jefferson County Clerk's Office are NOT attorneys, therefore we cannot give legal advice.**  

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 Some of the services of the Court Records Department include:
 • Collecting fees and fines for Jefferson County, New York State, and Towns
 • Filing and certifying court records
 • Judgment and lien entries
 • Filing Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) Petitions 

 For more information and printable forms, visit  www.nycourthelp.gov 

Click here for our Schedule of Fees. *Please note our Fees are set by New York State and are subject to change.

Index Numbers

Any file that is opened in the Jefferson County Clerk's Office must be assigned an index number. All documents contained in this file must have the index number noted on the front of the document. They are only assigned to actions and proceedings being heard by the NYS (Jefferson County) Supreme or Jefferson County Courts.
Civil Actions

All Civil Actions are started in our office. Initial filings typically consist of a summons and complaint or a summons with notice. These documents must be filed before papers can be served on an individual. Civil action files may include court orders, affidavits, summons, complaints, or any other document as long as they are marked with the Index Number. Please note all documents must be originals.
Criminal Proceedings

Criminal Proceedings can be initiated by an attorney, local court or the District Attorney's office. The Jefferson County Clerk's Office is also where the NYS (Jefferson County) Supreme and County Courts file criminal records. Only felony convictions are filed here in this office. Sealed records may only be accessed by the parties involved or their counsel. 


Divorces, also referred to as "Matrimonials", are sealed and can only be accessed by the parties involved and their attorneys. Separation Agreements are also filed here in our office. To view or receive copies of these documents, please have the Index Number, names of the involved parties, and a photo I.D. with you. If you are unable to visit our office in person a written request is required. Click here for our Divorce Request Form.

Judgments and Executions

An original judgment must first be processed through court then filed in our office. There are two types of Judgments that our office files. A Judgment can be ordered in a Civil Matter and will be filed in the case. The other type is issued by the City, Town or Village Courts and is called a transcript of judgment. The fee to file this in our office is $10.00. For our office to issue an income execution or property execution, there is an additional $5.00 fee. If you are requesting our office to issue an income execution or property execution please complete the  Creditor Affidavit for Execution Form  .

Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) Petitions

Petitions for a small claims assessment review are filed in our office for a fee of $30.00. The New York State  website  for the Office of Real Property Services (ORPS) has more information about SCAR Petitions, as well as the required forms. 


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