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175 Arsenal St
Watertown ,
Fax: (315)786-6967

Insurance & Safety

Lisa Jock, WCLS, AIC
Director of Insurance
175 Arsenal Street, 5th Floor
Watertown, New York 13601

The Jefferson County Department of Insurance & Safety is responsible for the administration of the County Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Plan, the Self-Funded Health Benefit Plan for County employees and dependents, Unemployment Insurance and Safety Programs. Our office is involved in general risk management and the purchase of commercial insurance. The department works with the County Attorney to investigate and provide defense of general liability claims and works with the County’s commercial insurance on any claim for damage to County property. The Department of Insurance and Safety adjudicates and provides payment of Unemployment Insurance claims under the provisions provided by the NYS Department of Labor. Insurance certificates and other insurance documentation may be obtained by contacting the Insurance office directly.

Division – Health Benefits

Janet Parody, Senior Clerk
(315) 785-3208

Jefferson County provides a Self-Funded Health Benefit Program to its employees and dependents. The Department of Insurance & Safety provides assistance in the enrollment of the plan and an explanation of Plan Benefits. Our office works with a third party administrator who provides payment of benefit claims on the County’s behalf. The Health Benefits division is responsible for insuring compliance with the Affordable Care Act and updating Plan documents accordingly. Our office works with individuals regarding claim and benefit questions and is responsible for collecting premium payment or other contributions to the Plan. Enrollees in the County Health Plan can access their benefit and claim information provided by UMR, the current third party administrator, at www.umr.com. Health Plan documents may also be obtained by contacting the County Insurance office.

Division – Self Insured Workers’ Compensation

Bethany Cheever, Workers’ Compensation Supervisor
(315) 785-3155

Barbara Fox, Account Clerk
(315) 785-3207

Jefferson County operates a self-funded Workers’ Compensation plan that provides benefits to County, Town and Village employees as well as benefits to Volunteer Firefighters and Volunteer Ambulance Workers. The Plan is administered as allowed under the NYS Workers’ Compensation Law. The Self Insured office is responsible for investigation of claims submitted for work related injuries and payment of medical and wage loss benefits. Medical examinations and referral to case management is provided to assist injured employees in a safe return to work. The Self-Insured office arranges for representation of all Plan Participants at hearings scheduled by the Board. Benefit and other information may be accessed on the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board website at www.wcb.ny.gov

Division – Safety

Gary Elliott, County Safety Officer
(315) 785-3003

Safety training is conducted throughout the year. Materials such as training videos, safety talk communications and posters are provided to County Departments as well as Town and Village offices. The Safety Officer works with the New York State Department of Labor, PESH Division, on obtaining the most up to date information that is vital to promoting a safe work environment. Continuing education, updates and refresher courses are offered. Public employee safety and health information can be found at NYS Department of Labor